May 17, 2024

Where to go Stargazing in the High Country

You may find yourself looking for activities to do in the High Country, if you are an astronomy lover or just enjoy spending time under the stars, there are a number of places to enjoy the celestials and wildlife that is native to the High Country.

Julian Price Lake

Bring your telescopes and head out to Julian Price Lake. With a trail that wraps around the lake and sitting-areas to view the stars under, you can enjoy the peacefulness of the lake beside you while viewing your favorite constellations.


Appalachian State Dark Sky Observatory

Every month the Appalachian State Dark Sky observatory hosts an evening under the stars for astronomy enthusiasts to view the celestials in a group-setting. A telescope is on-site and laser beams are available. Check out the website here for more information


Grandfather Mountain presents Grandfather Glows

During Grandfather Glows, you will be able to see up to 10 species of fireflies or luminous insects as well as the stars that light the night sky. Grandfather Mountain provides red flashlights. There’s currently 3 dates for Grandfather Glows: June 28th, June 30th, July 2nd. To purchase tickets, you must enter into the Grandfather Glow lottery held May 20-27th to “win” access to purchasing tickets. To learn more, visit


Bare Dark Sky Observatory

Located an hour outside of Boone, but still inside the High Country, is the Bare Dark Sky Observatory. Home to the observatory and the planetarium, stargazers can come observe the stars when the observatory is open or after-hours. For more information


Blue Ridge Parkway

There are a number of places on the parkway that you can view the stars – one of Abbey’s favorite spots is the Thunder Hill overlook which opens up for prime viewing of the stars above on clear nights or the mountains below. For more places on the parkway, check out the link below:


In addition to spending an evening under the stars, you may be able to view some of the nocturnal wildlife that is native to the area. While North Carolina has a number of nocturnal species, perhaps the most interesting of the bunch are the species below.

Eastern screech owl: Eastern screech owls are abundant in North Carolina and happen to be the smallest resident owl of the native species to the state. A skilled nocturnal hunter, the eastern screech owl rests high above its prey before swooping in. They are able to identify their prey by sight and sound.

Red Fox: While the grey fox is the only fox that is native to North Carolina, red foxes are prevalent in the high country, also. Primarily nocturnal, they come out to hunt at night. Red foxes are beneficial to farmers in that they generally eat mice and other animals that uninvitedly frequent farms.

Bobcat: The bobcat is a species that is found in North Carolina. Coming out at night to hunt, Bobcats are generally solitary animals, unless it is breeding season. The elusiveness of the bobcat draws attention to the species in that they have a cunning nature living close to people, but rarely being detected. While most activity takes place at night, the bobcat does come out during the day.


Do you want to experience star-gazing and sighting these amazing creatures on a nightly basis? Consider a home in the High Country. Homes that have views of the stars above and the mountain ranges are available now! We also have homes available that are only minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway. There are many homes for sale in Blowing Rock, Boone, and Banner Elk that can live up to every star gazers dreams. We can help you find yours today!


mountain views of stars

stars in the night sky

stars on a cloudy night

stars on a cloudy night

views of the stars

View of the stars from the Appalachian Trail

purple sky full of stars

A purple sky full of stars

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