November 29, 2017

The Western Youth Network: Vincent Properties for the WYN!

The Honey’s had it right in their 1963 single, “Growing Up is Hard to do”. Although that is a catchy tune, the hardship of growing up faced by most High Country Youth is a more darker truth. The Western Youth Network was created on the recognition of this hardship, especially the transitioning years between 5th-10th grade.

Known as WYN, this network was initiated in 1985, aiming to provide mentoring and after school programming for over 200 children. WYN’s founding pillars are giving High Country Youth: the safety of a caring environment, the support of a positive role models, and the skills they need to learn and grow.

Now, over 30 year later, the Western Youth Network services are in demand more than ever!


 “We truly are “raising a community” and we do this by providing

unique and quality programming…” WYN’s website.


With bright eyes towards the future, WYN hopes to create a sports leagues, parenting programs/support initiatives, and more vocational exploration. Although WYN receives great support from federal programming, they only receive 22% of their funding from hosted events and private donations. Vincent Properties wants to help raise local awareness of this incredible program, because our agents believe that the children of the High Country are the BEST investment opportunity!

Western Youth Network Festival of Tree Logo

One of the biggest fundraisers hosted by WYN is the Festival of Trees, a silent auction event with over 75 themed Christmas trees, wreaths and gift baskets. The festival is held annually at the Chetola Resort, in Blowing Rock NC. The past 4 years  Vincent Properties has been a proud to have been a part of the initial set up by trimming, un-bailing and setting the tree mounts for all of the festival trees.

This year the festival of trees is going to be held Nov-30th -December 3rd, and is open to the public!


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