December 21, 2018

Smart Storage

Overflowing closets, unused attic space, and garages filled to the brim with tools. What better time than the start of a new year to throw out the old and organize the rest? Make the most of the space available in your home and start the new year fresh with a more spacious home!



One of the most forgotten and cluttered areas is one of the smallest as well. Closets tend to get over run with various items like coats and shoes, cleaning items, and old linens or towels. Make the most of the space available by incorporating new storage methods and getting rid of things you haven’t touched in months.

Start by sorting out what you actually need. Have you used it in the last month? Last year? If the answer is no, then it probably safe to say good bye.  Store a donation box in a closet to keep the un-needed items in check and install towel holders to optimize that unused wall space. Wicker baskets and shoe racks also make an excellent use of space and can save you time while trying to get out the door for work in the mornings. Learn more here!

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Attics can be a little trickier when it comes to storage on account of ventilation and insulation. In order for the items being stored to be completely safe the correct insulation and ventilation needs to be in place. This will reduce humidity and prevent drastic swings in temperature during the summer and winter months. If that’s all in place then here are some great ideas to make the most of your attic space.

With different kinds of attic spaces there are various methods to create storage space and the first step is to figure out which one works the best for you. Gable walls provide the most surface area which is great for adding shelves and cabinets while under-eave wall space can have a knee-wall installed for additional shelving. It’s also best to avoid stacking heavy boxes and other items because when it comes time to check for pest, this can make the process much more difficult. Learn more here!



I think we can all agree that the garage is one of the most dreaded areas to clean and organize in the home. This tends to be where all the forgotten, old, and seasonal items end up. Alongside of tools and cleaning supplies the garage can get tight on space quick. The bright side is garages tend to have more space and options for storage if one knows the tips and tricks.

One area some tend to overlook is up. That’s right, look up and see all the possibilities with the ceiling space in your garage. You could add ceiling track storage to hold all those dusty bins up off the floor or install drop shelves to hold all of that seasonal clutter until it’s time to get them down again.

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If the ceiling isn’t an option for you then try out tall, skinny shelves that you can organize totes. Learn more here!




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