November 21, 2019

3 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

A new year means a fresh start and new beginnings for many people. Start the New Year off by making life easier, and what better way than with your home? From cleanliness and organizing, to eco-efficiency and safety- these 3 New Years Resolutions for Your Home will set 2020 off to a great start and make your home happy!

Start with a Deep Cleanse

Out with the old and “in” with freshly cleansed and organized spaces! Start out with a good de-clutter session, such as cleaning out clothes that no longer t, out of date cleaning supplies, magazines/junk mail, and dissolving all those long dreaded ‘piles’. You know the ones we are talking about, the piles of disarranged items that you throw together to ‘sort through later’ so your home appears tidy. If you still have a bit of clutter, do not worry! Simply sort into similar groups,and stash them in decorative bins or labeled totes in the closet. Once you have tossed all the junk in the trunk, give everything a good cleaning! Now that the hard part is over, make sure you keep on track with cleaning charts. Breaking things down into ‘small to bigger tasks’ or ‘monthly, weekly and daily’, lists are an easy way to keep the family on the same page while maintaining cleanliness throughout the year.



Be Eco Efficient

Like using cleaning charts to make sure chores work smoothly, ‘going green’ around your home can make life (and the Earth) Flourish. One easy way to start is setting up a well designed recycling and compost
area. These would preferably be in a pantry, a mudroom, or just outside your kitchen. Conceal your bins with well crafted storage areas with securing lids to keep out critters and odors. The key to efficient recycling is proper sorting, specifically with plastics and glass. Composting is a wonderful way to cut down waste, while creating nutrients for your vegetable garden or landscaping. Dogs also make superb compost-ers!

Home Safety Counts!

Eleanor Evert once said “For safety is not a gadget, but a state of mind.” We can’t think of a better way to be in 2020- feeling safe at home. In this age of technology we have many gadgets that can help us achieve safety and find peace of mind. Start off by installing fresh batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Then, with the whole family, do a test run of your safety evacuation plan. Don’t forget to check your fire extinguishers! Next, maybe add a few safety updates to your home. These can range from getting new bath tub mats with extra grip, adding lighting to a walkway, or full upgrades like security alarms and cameras.

These 3 New Years Resolutions for Your Home can help maintain your property’s value, and provide a peace of mind that starts 2020 with a boom!


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