June 19, 2023

Our Favorite High Country Summer Hikes

As Summer quickly approaches, we are all getting our hiking gear ready. Living up in the High Country guarantees a Summer filled with fun, sun, and plenty of outdoor activities. You’ll get the experience you’re looking for whether that is climbing our tallest summit or hiking to find the perfect river to cool down in! Hiking in the High Country is the perfect activity for the whole family and your pets! We’ve listed some of our favorites here. Check them out! You can find all of this information and more on Outdoorish.com and on the National Parks Service website!
  1. Rough Ridge Overlook Trail. Difficulty: Easy. At only 0.8 miles, this trail is easier than some. There is still some uneven terrain and can be steep in some places. You’ll know when you’re at the top when you reach the boardwalks built for the safety of the ecosystem!
  2. Crab Orchard Falls Trail. Difficulty: Moderate. As a 1 mile out-and-back trail, this is a perfect hike that is kid friendly and great for dogs on a leash. There are tons of pools, cascades, and rocks to climb year-round. You will most likely encounter other people and maybe some loose rocks.
  3. Linville Falls Trail. Difficulty: Moderate – Strenuous. While there are multiple different paths and overlooks, the main 1.6 mile Erwin’s View trail offers gorgeous waterfall and river views. Over four different sections of the falls trail show views from multiple vantage points.
Thanks for reading! We’ll make sure to add to this list with any new adventures we come across this Summer.
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