May 30, 2018

Happy Father’s Day to High Country Dads!

Happy Father’s day to all the high country fathers out there! This year to celebrate, we decided to ask a couple of fathers in the office about their experiences in fatherhood, how the high country has helped them raise their children, and the struggles they face as they live each day as a Dad.

Lee Gillette

The first dad we talked to, Lee Gillette, is a fairly new father. He has only been a father for 18 weeks to be exact, so this will be his first father’s day ever (woo!). We asked Lee is what his biggest struggle has been so far. Very fittingly, he responded “A lack of sleep, but we’re getting there”. 

 What are you most looking forward to about being a father in the future?

I am looking forward to really just raising a decent human being and passing along all of my sage wisdom. I also am excited to one day maybe coaching soccer, gaining a new golf buddy, family vacations, and lots of other stuff I won’t even realize until it happens.

 Are you planning on having more kids? How many?

Yes, 1 more if I have any say in the matter.

 Have you found any resources or activities in the high country that have helped you as a father?

High Country Doulas are awesome!  They really helped my wife and I with lots of baby knowledge prior birth and amazing support during the delivery.  They’ve also been incredibly helpful and supportive after delivery. Otherwise, our family and close friends have been very helpful.  I’ve only had 18 weeks of experience so far and there aren’t too many activities to do at this point.

 What do you believe the benefits of raising children in the High Country vs Santa Barbara CA in that being where you are from?

The quality and pace of life in the High Country is far better than anywhere else I’ve ever been.  It’s a very safe place to live and raise a family. We have great schools that benefit from ASU being founded as a teaching college.  Lots of outdoor activities available within a very short distance. I grew up spending the majority of time, during the winter, at the ski slopes which are still some of my fondest memories to this day and I hope to pass those traditions on to my kids.

Lee seems like he is off to a great start so far in being a dad, Congratulations Lee on your first Father’s day!

Jay Vincent

While Lee still has a lot to learn, another father in the office and also our owner, Jay Vincent, has had a bit more experience. Jay has been a father for over 30 years now and has multiple sons, including Chad who also works in the office. 

 What was your biggest struggle as a parent?

Trying not to push them too hard but still pushing them to the best of their ability while still being a loving father. All the kids were required to have straight A’s, play a sport, be a part of a church activity, and be in a community activity.

 What was the most rewarding thing about being a father?

Watching them grow into good, contributing people. They are all productive members of society and they give back to their community in many ways. They grew exceeded all of my already high expectations.

 What was your favorite thing about raising kids in the high country?

The community that they were surrounded by. They grew up with good people, many of which they still have relationships with today. The small town feel is something I appreciated in raising them.

 What do you believe the benefits are from raising kids in the High Country?

Because of the small town community, the kids always got a great education. There was a great school system and great community. The kids would be able to go to ASU in the mornings for advanced math opportunities and in the afternoon for help with reading. The teachers were also always well taught and knowledgeable.

 What is the greatest thing that your family ever did for fathers day?

My favorite thing is that they always go to church with me on father’s day. The children now all go to different churches, but on this day they go to mine with me and then we all go to lunch.

 Do you have any advice to new high country fathers?

Be there to encourage and support everything that they do. Set high expectations and push them to be the best they can be. They don’t have to be the best, just the best they can be.


Jay takes a lot of pride in how his children were always raised to do the right thing and be hard workers. He says that he has raised them to be difference makers. He shared with me a typical day in the Vincent household while his children were growing up. Each morning they would wake up very early before school, ate breakfast which his wife, Lynn, would make each morning, grab their lunch and head to school. After school, they would have a ten minute break and then get started on written homework. After this, they would be taken out to the farm to work in the stalls and the field. So, from an early age, the children were taught to be hard workers. After this, it was time to study and eat dinner. One thing that Jay mentioned was an essential part of the way his kids were raised was their TV restrictions. For about four years of their childhood, TV was only allowed on the weekends when they would watch a movie. He says that his children all grew up to be extremely hardworking, and his pride shows in the way he talks about them.

Both Jay and Lee are great fathers and part of the reason that we recognize this day! Thank you to all of our dads out there being the best they can be for their kids. We love you and appreciate you!


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