February 7, 2020

Going Green For Spring!

Soon we will be shedding our winter coats, flowers will start to bud, and we’ll see the green leaves creep up the mountainside. Observing nature start anew is refreshing and shows us how truly delicate it can be. Did you know the Appalachian Mountains are technically a temperate rainforest? This makes our eco-system multifaceted and truly unique. Our firm Vincent Properties is dedicated to the preservation of our beautiful surrounding mountains, meadows, and rivers. We would love your help! Here are some easy ways to ‘Go Green for Spring.’

Spring Earth


Bamboo- it’s not only for Pandas it’s for Spring

Bamboo is an incredible resource that is flexible, durable, and can be used in many ways. Growing an incredible 3 feet per day, this renewable resource is great for making paper towels, toilet paper, flooring, and various composting plastics. Furthermore, the production of bamboo creates only 1/3 the carbon footprint versus its traditionally used counterparts such as trees. This makes bamboo an environmentally friendly substitute from sprout to finish.


Compost- Because a rind is a terrible thing to waste!

Over 20% of carbon emissions come from landfills and food waste is one of the most impactful. You can help tackle this problem from home! Try investing in a compost waste bin or by installing a garbage disposal in your sink to grind up organic materials. By adding a disposal to your system, many enzymes in food will help break down other wastes found in your septic system. New age compost bins, such as the Vitamix FoodCycler, can easily break down a week’s worth of food waste into homemade fertilizer in less than 24 hours with no looming odors.


“Bee” A Friendly Neighbor This SpringSpring Bee

As you may have heard, the bee population is in great need of our help! The bee’s ability to pollinate plants affects many different eco-systems. This, in turn, influences many different forms of life, including us. The easiest way to help bees is to avoid harmful pesticides in your gardens. Bees tend to be a little OCD, focusing on one kind of flower at a time. Therefore, you can assist them by grouping your garden with similar blooms and allowing plenty of space between your flower beds.  In addition, most species of bees live in the ground so having an area that is not often disturbed will help the bees create more habitats.

Take Photos, Leave Only Footprints 

This is the golden rule of being an outdoorsman, and it is a rule we highly encourage. When you find yourself among the trees in the next few months, hiking or visiting parks. Please only take photos and do not take pieces of the forest with you. That could be some little critter’s home or food source! The exception to this rule is if you find trash or obvious non-native articles. It may seem unpleasant to pick it up, but please be a good steward of the earth and dispose of trash properly. Which brings us to the second part of that motto- please leave no trace of your visit, only your footprints!


It’s Time to Spring into Action

So, there you have it, folks. Try incorporating these 4 simple tips into your routine and make the High Country a little greener. To quote the superhero Caption Planet “The power is yours”! For further questions on how to be green at home click here to download “The Eco-Friendly Home Checklist” by Conscious Abode. If you want more information on how Vincent Properties can use their real estate superpowers to help you in the sale of your property, please do not hesitate to call.






Banner  Image by DreamyArt from  Pixabay

Earth Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images form Pixabay

Panda Image by wal_172619 from Pixabay

Bee Image by OpenClipart-Vectors  from  Pixabay

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