April 29, 2019

Garden Meditation

National Garden Meditation Day is a time of relaxation, meditation, and becoming more in tune with nature. Gardens bring relief from everyday stresses as well as nourishment for the body and soul. They are a  perfect place to rejuvenate! Take some time for yourself on this underrated holiday to forget about the weighs of working life and let your garden revive you.

Below are some tips to make your gardens more relaxing!



When one looks at a garden, their eyes always focus on the swirl of colors, but without the greenery in the background the color would lose part of its wow factor. Shrubs, mosses, and grasses are the stage that sets up for a beautiful display of flowers, ornaments, and colorful birds so take time to find your favorite (often overlooked) greenery!


Create a Flow

From Lilies and Irises to Begonias and Lavender, there are thousands of flowers to choose from to best suit your vision of peace and tranquility. You can create a flow by choosing a color scheme or picking flowers/plants from certain regions. If you really want to transport your mind to a different world then try out a cultural theme. Japan, Holland, France, and Spain are just a few of the countries that are home to some of the most beautiful flower gardens in the world. Get inspired and transform your garden, you won’t regret it!


Water Works

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a stream running through their backyard but we still have options! Water brings refreshment and adds a tranquil element to any garden. A water feature will help cancel out road and neighboring “noise”, allowing you to focus on the babbling water and not your stress. Kick back, relax and watch as the water run its course!



A Different Take

Mediation and relaxation can be gone about in different ways. While some prefer to sit in silence and breath the fresh air in their gardens, others would rather get their hands dirty and feel the Earth. Vegetable gardens bring a different aspect of relaxation as the creation of life is a wondrous thing to behold (and be responsible for). Tending the soil and watching as the seeds sprout to maturity brings peace of mind to many and rewards those involved for their patience and helping hand. There are few better things on this planet than fresh foods grown at your own home! Click here to read our tips for starting your own vegetable garden.





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