August 29, 2019

Chad Vincent’s 4 Frugal Tips for Fall

In negotiating the best deals for our clients, we have learned many ways to save money, especially when it relates to home care. Saving money on your home doesn’t end with the purchase price, it is an on-going cycle throughout the
seasons. Therefore, I have outlined a few of my Frugal Tips for Fall.


Superhero Smart Power Strips

Did you know that electronics, even if they are turned off, will pull small amounts of electricity (called phantom loads)? A Smart Power Strip will cut itself off when the plugs are not being used (example: when you go on vacation) and will turn itself back on when needed. The latter can save you up to 10% on your electricity bill, not to mention it is good for the planet!

You’re in Hot Water

Most water heaters by default are set to 140°F, which is scalding hot. You do need higher temperatures to ensure your water system does not grow harmful bacteria. Therefore, never set your water heater to go below 120°F. At this setting, you can still get a great hot shower, sanitize your dishes, keep bacteria at bay, AND save you up to 10-15% on your bills.

Light Up My Life

Lighting creates the ambiance for your home, whether you are throwing a dinner party, reading to relax, or working diligently in your home office – the right lighting is key! To help set the stage, the right kind of light bulb, dimmer switch, and timers can prove to be worthy of your consideration. These tools are also known to cut cost of electricity and maintenance bills. Did you know the average American home has 40 light bulbs and by switching to long lasting LEDs, you can save up to$11,500 over 20 years?

Stay Toasty

This is a big money saver! Keeping your home warm is one of the largest yearly expenses. As the temperatures get colder, the prices for fuel typically go up. Most fueling companies offer discounts if you: fill up early in August or September, join their automatic fill up services, or pay with cash. To make sure your furnace is pumping out the heat efficiently, inspect (or pay a professional to) all vents for build-up and change your filters. These practices can help with your heating costs, and are a aid in fire prevention.



We hope you find these tips helpful to keep your home cozy and wallet a little fuller this fall.
If you ever need assistance achieving your real estate goals,  please call one of our agents at Vincent Properties!


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