December 27, 2019

2019 Highlights and Hopes for 2020

As this year (and decade for that matter) come to a close, all of us are reminded of the wonderful blessings and lessons this year has given us. The Vincent Properties Realtors® and staff feel we have had many highlights this past year and are eager to see what a roaring good time 2020 will be! Join us as we look back on what made 2019 awesome and how we are gearing up to make 2020 even better!


Jay Vincent

As Jay Vincent says, when you get to be his age every year is a blessing and he’s happy to be able to count so many.  For the holidays this year, Jay expressed this message that can resonate with us all year long:

  In the busyness of life I cherish peace and quiet which gives me time for reflection, but as Jennifer Warren of Western Youth Network in her Christmas message this week points out, joy can bring us much ‘specialness’.  Lionel Ritchie in his song Zoom, says “greet the sun each morning, walk among the stars at night, and taste the honey in your life”.   May each of you today and in the coming year experience much joy and taste lots of honey.


Chad Vincent

What an exciting year 2019 has been for Chad Vincent! Not only was he voted as Watauga’s BEST Realtor® for 2019, he married the love of his life (besides Real Estate, that is) on the beautiful coast of Exuma!

In 2020, Chad says he hopes to find a little more time to ride his Harley on the Blue Ridge Parkway and take his pup, Finn, on a few more hikes. Perhaps Chad will invest in a side car, so Finn can ride along too!

Stephen McDaniel

Stephen McDaniel has been a productive Realtor® in 2019! So much, Stephen was awarded “High Country Top 50” by Movement Mortgage! Congratulations Stephen!

Although winning the award, Stephen and his family did face some hardships over the past year- and with it, the McDaniel family witnessed an incredible amount of love and support from their community. For that, they would like to openly send a very heart warmed thank you to everyone. They feel very blessed because of everyone’s  generosity, and wish everyone love, compassion, and good health in 2020.

Lee Gillette

Lee Gillette has been a busy bee! Not only when it comes to being a Realtor® but chasing his toddler, Benjamin, around the High Country. These two peas are thick as thieves, and that puts a big smile on our faces!

Over the past year, Lee has been fixing up his childhood home. As the renovation nears completion, Lee is excited to begin raising (perhaps, growing?) his family in such a treasured homestead.

Melissa Boone

Melissa Boone has also been chasing around a toddler, Mr. Lincoln James. Over this past year, little Lincoln has grown into quiet a character with a bright and bubbly personality! It has been especially great to see him grow alongside his cousin, Scarlett.

In this upcoming decade, Melissa is hoping to keep it simple with good health, smiling faces, and lots of laughter.

Frankie Lancaster

For Frankie Lancaster, 2019 has been a tune-up year, meaning it has been filled with music! Frankie has played an integral role in his church, Cornerstone Summit, grow their fellowship in their brand new building and being a rock star in their worship band.

In 2020, Frankie and his family are excited to be welcoming a bouncin’ baby boy to the clan. As you can see, Adelaide is quite excited to be a big sister. Congratulations, Big Poppa Frankie! UPDATE: William “Parker” Thomas Lancaster decided to show up early, on December 28th!

Josh Honeycutt

This guy… this guy is a champ! Not just speaking metaphorically,  Josh Honeycutt and the Watauga High School Men’s Soccer Team were season champions this year, making it all the way to finals in the State Championship. For all his hard work, they named him Coach of the Year! But even after all these awards, Josh says his greatest achievement for 2019 was hitting his 10 year anniversary with his wonderful wife, Angela. (Awwww)


In this upcoming year, Josh is hoping to WIN the State Championship!

Lindsay Pinckney

Lindsay Pinckney and her family welcomed a new little boy to their brood, Mr. Graham McLeod Pinckney in 2019. Lindsay is excited to see her two boys grow, and her eldest, Owen, become a great big brother.

For 2020, Lindsay in hoping to tune up her photography skills to help her become an even better Realtor® than she already is. To boot, Lindsay says she hopes to do some traveling out of the country, preferably somewhere with little umbrellas in the drinks 😉

Kelli Burleson

Eye of the Tiger, or perhaps German Shepherd in Kelli Burleson‘s case. For Kelli, 2019 has been a successful year full of hard work, dedication and a lot of iced coffee! Kelli has hit the ground running this past year to provide great customer service and real estate professionalism to her clients. Kelli also welcomed a new loving face to the family, of the furry persuasion that is. His name is Hutch, and we love him a whole BUNCH!

As the new year begins, Kelli is ready to invest less in ice coffee and more into finding a balance between her four loves: Real Estate, Hiking, Samaritan’s Purse, and her new littler fur baby!

Shalamar Blevins

Our Marketing Director, Shalamar Blevins, is very happy to say she got engaged in 2019! Wedding planning has been an interesting feat to say the least but the happy couple is ready to celebrate under the stars in 2020!



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