August 29, 2018

10 Fall Updates For Your Home!

Can you smell it in the air? Or have you seen the little pops of color in the trees? That dirty 4 letter word that starts with F and ends with double hockey sticks – YES Ladies & Gents I mean Fall- is on it’s way! Now, don’t get me wrong, Fall, ahem, Autumn is a colorful time of year, literally! As one of the capitals of the vibrant “Leafin’ Season”, the High Country is proud to be an authority on all things “Fall”.  There are all the tasty smells and treats with pumpkin spice, nutmeg, and everything nice. Having a nice campfire that will actually keep you warm vs melting you, plus no pesky bugs nibbling on you and who can forget- S’MORES?

If you are a homeowner though, Autumn is a weird transition point from Summer to getting ready for Winter. What do you need to do to make sure the house looks nice andbeing well maintained? Below are 10 fall updates for your home that will not break the bank, typically will only take a few minutes of your time, and make you rest easy when it comes to your property.

1.) Roof and Gutter Check

Having a roof over your heard is one of the main reason you bought a house! Make sure that is stays in shape and is ready to handle the heavy weight and moisture in the coming months. Furthermore, you need to check your gutters. Clogged gutters lead to bad irrigation around your property’s foundation. To take care of both of these, it is as simple as climbing up on a ladder and visually examining both the gutters and shingles. If your roof is not to steep, you can cautiously walk on your roof to make sure there are not any weak spots.

Not comfortable with getting on a ladder? Or perhaps you already know there is a soft spot in your shingles, Click Here to see a list of Vincent Properties Approved Local Handymen and Construction services.

2.) DIY Leaf Garland

Great one to share with kids! Collect many different shaped leaves ( or download a stencil!) and autumn tones fabric scraps. Using a fusible paper and iron, make stiff fabric squares, then trace the leaves, and simply cut out the shapes! Use bright embroidery thread around the edges to give it a more “handy” feel. String and hang up in door ways or on stair railings!

Photo by Andrew McCaul

3.) Check and Replace filters for De/Humidifiers & Furnaces

These filters are an integral parts to the functioning systems in your home. If they are clogged or damaged the machines may not work properly or cause a fire hazard! If you are unsure what kind or size of filters to get, simply pull out the old filter and snap a picture of the specs with your phone.  Show the picture to service rep at your local construction supply store or Lowes/Home Depot.

4.)Firefly Homes

These are great outdoor lighting accent to help you pretend it is still summer. Using your stock pile of mason jars, collect little scraps of moss, twigs, and a small string of tiny twinkle lights. Wrap the lights around your bundle of Earth and place inside the jar- and Wall-la! Firefly Lights!

5.) Plant Your Bulbs for Spring Flowers

Iris, Tulip Daffodil, Hyacinth and Lillies are great bulb flowers that you can plant this fall, and will grow on their own the coming spring. Make sure to plant them BEFORE the ground freezes!

6.) 2 for 1 Signage

These great little blocks make a wonderful accent piece, not mention they are versatile -use for Fall and Winter! Order Here

7.) Store Summer Tool & Organize Winter Tools

You aren’t going to be needing the weedwhacker, garden hoes, and lawn mower when the ground is covered in snow. But these hefty (and expensive) tools need to be stored properly. Click Here for 3 Easy Winterization Steps for your Lawn Mower. In turn you need to make sure that your snow shovels, snow blowers, and ground salt are accecessible

8.) Fall Smells

As I said before, pumpkin spice and everything nice! Nothing beats walking into a home with an incredible smell! There are many ways you can achieve good smells- candles, oil burners, and plug-ins- but my favorite goes down a more genuine route. BAKING! Click here to read up on some great baking recipes that all feature…you guessed it.. PUMPKIN!

9.) Check Your Water Heater

Maintain the efficiency and safety of your hot water heater by cleaning sediment from the tank. You will need: A bucket, Plumber’s tape, Rags, and Slip Join Pliers. Learn the step by steps by clicking here!


You didn’t really think I would forget these guys did ya? Pumpkins are the staple of Autumn decor! Did you know most Christmas Tree Farms double as Pumpkin patches? The vines pumpkins help protect the Christmas Tree to grow! Anyway one of my favorite pumpkin patches is actually Frosty’s Christmas Tree Farm in Ashe County. They make picking out your pumpkins a fun, family event! Many other local produce stand will carry pumpkins in an array of sizes so you can adorn your porch steps, dinning room table and mantle!

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